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baloo de celuxia "baloo"

  • Born:  July, 01   1986 - December, 28   2001
  • Health exams:  HD free - Eyes OK
  • Titles: Europe champion, Quotation 4/6
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We've discovered the breed thanks to Baloo; purchased as a pet when he was 5 months old for our family including a rough collie male, it was a great experience to see those two wonderful different breeds living together peacefully. Baloo was not a big dog with his 38cm and definitely not a prefect TT but we just loved him like he was and finally he did a very nice job at shows considering we both discovered that "strange world"! He was the sire of three litters, one with our own Derelle. We already had an idea of the type & qualities of the TT we liked and needless to say we did love Baloo very much despite he didn't fit our ideal. He will remain as the one who introduced us that wonderfull breed and into the dogshows and we are grateful for this but above all for these 15 years we spent all together!

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