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dawan dolma kuo yarlung namtso "dawan"

  • Born:  December, 25   2008
  • Healths exams:  HD B - DNA tested for PLL
  • Titles:  1st at French Championship'10, CAC at Luxembourg'10
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39cm, shapely bitch, nice head with a sweet expression, scissor bite, lovely expressive hazel eyes, correct body with nice topline, excellent neck, well lay of shoulder and angulations back, nice tail set (when she stop wagging it!), good coat quality turning into a slate/ silver-grey now, big flat feet and easy flowing typical move.

Dawan is the tornado in the house. She also is a true funny clown. Life is only a game for her and we enjoy it as well every day, for example when looking at her sleeping in some improbable positions. Sometimes I wonder when she'll become an adult since she seems stuck in the puppyhood! She definitely will need a long time ahead until she gets mature both in her head and body. Right now away from the rings she is changing her coat happily at home with the youngsters.