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first norbu kuo yarlung namtso "first"

  • Born:  July, 08   1990 - September, 08  2004
  • Health exams:  HD free - Eyes OK
  • Titles: French champion 1993, Luxembourg champion 1996 & International champion 1997
              Quotation 4/6
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41cm, strong male, nice head & expression, scissor bite, strong body, stylish male with powerfull move, profuse coat of excellent texture.

When he passed away, our great champion First made us too much sadness for the first time in his 14 years of life we shared together. Out of our very first homebred litter, he left his footprint in the breed but above all he was the everyday’s most loving friend. Everyone who met him was under his charm, kindness and great beauty. He is the last one to left us out of our famous first “F” litter and it’s a whole period that disappears with him!

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