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fyldwyne kuo yarlung namtso "fyldwyne"

  • Born:  July, 08   1990 - April, 27   2001
  • Health exams: HD Free & Eyes OK
  • Titles: French champion 1992. Quotation 4/6
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36,5cm, medium female in any ways but very feminine with a lot of attitude, lovely head & expression, well built with nice move and profuse coat.

Fyldwyne was my princess. Rather small she’s always thought she was a big TT. On shows (and at home too) all in her attitude seemed to say “hey, look at me, I’m the best” and you cannot missed her!! Then she became our first French champion… As a Lady her favourite hobby was to be lying on the sofa. To my mind she was the perfect TT "little people" meaning!

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Tingaï-Su des Clausis
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