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ramganja white kuo yarlung namtso "ganja"

  • Born:  August, 01   2000
  • Health exams:  HD AC - Patella & Eyes OK
  • Titles: Quotation 2/6
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40,5cm, scissor bite, strong female with enough bones, nice head with dark eyes & rims totally black, nice body with good chest & topline, high tail set, profuse dry white coat, excellent lay of shoulder and angulations back, long nice neck, powerful move.

Ganja is definitely not the same than her litter sister Pokha. She is always ready to play with the cats or the puppies. Rarely tired, calm can't define her, she is full of life for sure! When she needs hugs you cannot avoid her. She is the mother of Vylkka and they are always stuck together, having long hours of fun and play.