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giga nima kuo yarlung namtso "giga"

  • Born:  November, 11   1991 - April, 27   2001
  • Health exams: HD Free & Eyes OK
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36cm, small female of a good type, nice head, dark eyes & good pigmentation, profuse coat of a rich gold color.

Giga was born from our second litter and even if we couldn’t show her because she had a leg’s accident during her childhood, she was really pretty along with the typical TT attitude! She passed away too early but she left us her two daughters, Java & Ch.Janaļ, from her lonely litter.

Ch.Dalaļ Lama de Mying Di HD C - Eyes OK Pinrow Crown Prince Pinrow Quick Silver
Ch.Pinrow Sabelle Gem
Baiani des Clausis U'Min-Gi des Clausis
Ch.Matinsuon Ka-ra-ku-la
Ch.Derelle Tan du clan de Lis Eyes OK Ch.Ladakh Lha Chen Tschowo Ch.Tengrinor Aneirin
Ratna de Makalu
Anaļs Min des Clausis U'Min-Gi de Belisaire
Matinsuon Ka-ra-ku-la