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jiwy kyaling kuo yarlung namtso "kiwi"

  • Born:  August, 11   1994 - November, 27  2008
  • Health exams:  HD free - Eyes OK
  • Titles:  Double French champion 1997 (CC+BOB at both club show and championship show the same year), International champion 1998, Top TT 1997. Winner of many CACS-CACIB & BOB
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40cm, medium bones, scissor bite, nice shape & top line, compact body, nice move, profuse dark slate coat.

Kiwi spent his first year of life in Spain with his new family; he had a great start at shows there winning many times his classes including the championship show at the tender age of 15 months! When his owner had health troubles he came back in France for the while of recovered but finally he stayed with us till the end. We continued to show him in France & abroad achieving quickly his French & international titles, top TT of the year... He only sired one litter in Spain at his owner kennel (de el imperio del sol) just before his dam PRA case was discovered so we decided to not continue his stud career (he was neutered afterwards) even if he had eyes clear till the end. He's always been a sweet boy, very sociable and kind with everyone.

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