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leo pargyal atisha nima kuo yarlung namtso "leo"

  • Born:  July, 09   1995 - August, 07   2009
  • Health exams:  HD B - Eyes OK
  • Titles:  Luxembourg Young Champion 1996, Belgium Young Champion 1996, Amsterdamwinner junior 1996, Luxembourg Champion 2000, International Champion 2000, Vice French Champion 2001.
    Winner of many group placement. Father of several champions in Switzerland and Belgium.
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40,5cm, scissor bite, strong body & bones, powerfull effortless move, deep gold brindle profuse coat of excellent texture.

Leo did first live in Belgium with Colette Maquet from Yang Tze Yang kennel; there he excel both in the show rings and at his home winning quickly several junior titles and becoming the father of some successful offspring. After the huge family troubles of his owner, I became his co-owner and he was back in his birth home. He was successfully showned in France & abroad achieving easily his Luxembourg & International titles. We feel lucky having share more than 10 years with this "great man" in all the ways. Unfortunately he passed away during this past hot summer.

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