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ouka patan kuo yarlung namtso "ouka"

  • Born:  September, 25   1998
  • Health exams:  HD A - Patella & Eyes OK
  • Titles: French champion 2000, Luxembourg Champion 2001, International Champion 2001, European Champion 2002. Top TT 2000, winner of many CAC-CACIB-BOB. Quotation 4/6
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39cm, scissor bite, lovely head & expression with dark eyes, strong body, excellent neck and lay of shoulders, round rib, good angulations, big flat feet, powerful move, profuse long coat, high tail set.

We felt in love with Ouka since her birth and we were right! She never disappointed us both at home and at shows. She is the most lovable, sweet, beautiful, peaceful and happy TT I know! and I could say more about her for sure. She has everything and luckily she gave through her offspring her great qualities. She is a great Lady at home and in my heart!