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shana patan kuo yarlung namtso "shana"

  • Born:  August, 05  2001 - November, 19 2011
  • Health exams::  HD A/B - Patella & Eyes OK
  • Titles: CAC-CACIB winner, Exc 2nd French Clubshow 2005. Quotation 4/6
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38cm, scissor bite, nice head & expression with good stop, dark eyes, medium bones, enough chest, good shoulder & angulations, nice length of neck, high tail set, excellent coat texture & quantity, moves easily.

We didn't planned to keep her but she finally stayed at home. She is like the wine being better when getting older. Like Ganja she is mad about cats. She did very few shows but always with excellent results including CACIB. She produced two litters only. She was the most devoted mother in the world producing our champion Gollum.