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vayu'nan patan kuo yarlung namtso "vayu"

  • Born:  August, 15   2004
  • Health exams:  HD A - Eyes OK
  • Titles:  French champion 2006
  • Owners:  Lassaque Frédéric (Bordeaux) France
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39,5cm, scissor bite, gets his father's typical tibetan expression with dark eyes, medium bones, good chest, very short & square body, good shoulder with enough neck, good tail set, profuse nice coat quality, very nice move.

Vayu has been sold as a pet but since a puppy he showed a real show potential. Thanks to his new owner we tried and guess what, he shortly finished in 4 shows his French title! Vayu is blessed to look like his father Shakra in many ways and is also lucky to be owned by an excellent groomer which is not his job! Vayu likes all others dogs and kids but is not affectionate with people he doesn't know (like a TT can be); he is very calm and can be "serious" sometimes.