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vylkka nima kuo yarlung namtso "vylkka"

  • Born:  February, 28   2004
  • Health exams:  HD B - Patella & Eyes OK
  • Titles: Luxembourg Champion & twice vice-French Champion, winner of many CAC & CACIB. Quotation 4/6
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38cm, scissor bite, nice feminine head with dark expressive eyes, medium bones, excellent body and chest, good angulations, nice neck, high tail set, profuse coat of excellent quality, effortless move.

Vylkka is a very smart girl, she understands much more than you could imagine. She has inherited the nice staight profuse white coat of her mother but where Ganja has black spots she has tan spots. Despite she never liked shows at all she has numerous CAC-CACIB-BOB wins including her Luxembourg title & twice vice French champion.